Remine: 2022 and Beyond

Published on
January 6, 2022
- By
Tim Dain

As we look back at the wins and learnings of 2021, we are thankful for each of our partners, users, supporters, and team members that made another year of steady growth and product expansion possible.

In 2022, we are expanding on the MLS as our north star. Being built for MLSs means more than just understanding what their agents and brokers need most, but how to deliver a product that will pave the way for their future.

With our efforts firmly set on bringing first-class training, elevated user experience, and superior technology, we continue to focus on being an industry-leading full MLS replacement system.

In 2021, we successfully:

  • Updated our property display page creating a sleek and more intuitive design for Remine users.
  • Enhanced our Advanced Search tool elevating the search process that unlocks real estate insights and opportunities for agents.
  • Launched our new Marketing Center integration putting the power of digital advertising in the hands of agents and brokers to help expand their online presence and reach more potential leads.
  • Cultivated new partnerships and expanded growth opportunities with a customer-centric focus on the market's ever-changing landscape.
  • Celebrated our acquisition by MLSs which will power the next generation of real estate technology for MLSs, by MLSs furthering our focus on the needs of our customers.

In 2022 we plan to:  

  • Grow our internal team to gain greater stability in our full MLS system conversions and ensure we supply added support to our partners.  
  • Develop enhanced workflows to foster deeper client engagement centered around feedback from our users, so we continue to be the MLS technology company of tomorrow.
  • Amplify our successful mobile application with an emphasis on search capabilities by mirroring our unparalleled desktop platform.  
  • Enhance our reporting for agents bringing the most up-to-date and valuable market and performance information to our users in a modern way.

Remine has always been at the forefront of real estate technology innovation, and now we stand apart as having experienced MLS leaders invested in helping us drive the industry forward. We look forward to continuing to bring best-in-class service and products with your needs top of mind as we head into a new year.  

Happy New Year!

Tim Dain  

VP & GM of MLS


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