Agents Experience Elevated Search Process with Updates to Remine's 'Advanced Search'

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July 12, 2021
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Agents that use Remine are some of the most productive and high yielding in the industry. As their needs have expanded our team has taken valuable feedback and applied updates that will simplify their digital real estate journey going forward. No other MLS search solution unlocks real estate insights and opportunities like Remine and with these updated features agents can experience an elevated search process that makes important data even more accessible.  

Want to analyze home data in a specific neighborhood? Interested in seeing market trends of listings and closings? Agents can do all of this and more with the new updates to Remine’s Advanced Search. Take a look at the latest updates below that are now available to Remine Pro users.

New Toggle Features for Listing and Property Data

Agents can customize their Remine experience by picking the path that makes the most sense to them and their current business. For example, if an agent wanted to research and review the listing and or MLS specific information, they can click the listing tab. If they are looking for tax and property related information, they can do so by clicking the properties tab.

When opening Remine Search, you will now automatically default to search by Listing Data. When searching by Listing Data, multiple property cards for the property are now available to view if there are multiple listing records in the MLS. This search experience within Remine will replicate and modernize what agents commonly see within a traditional MLS system.

If an agent is searching by Property Data, the look and feel of the search experience will remain the same as the current user experience in Remine. One property card will only be visible per property.

Updated Listing Search Property Cards

When selecting a property on the map or queuing a property using the Search Bar in the Listing view, you will see multiple cards for properties with multiple listing records. This allows for agents to quickly review the listing history of the property all in one place.

Refined Search Experience with Listing Data and Property Data Toggle

Agents are able to toggle between searching by Listing and Property Data and use operators with the updates to Advanced Search.  

These updates also allow agents to more clearly define the criteria that matters in their search. For example, if an agent wants to see all properties in Dallas but does not want to include zip code 75212, they can refine their search even further.

Building for the Future

This update provides all the framework to expand the number of available search fields on an individual MLS basis. If you’re interested in a full replacement MLS system or have the need for expanding Remine’s new and improved Advanced Search to include additional fields send us an email.

Other Features

Other notable features that have been added during this update include reorganized and updated filters, auto complete tools, and additional operators to help fine tune the search process.

For more training tools and webinars visit Remine’s support page here.

Don’t forget to log on to your Remine Pro account to take advantage of these updated features and keep an eye out for additional filters coming soon!


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