Simplify Your Advertising Efforts with the Remine Marketing Center

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December 14, 2021
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To reach more qualified buyers and interested leads, staying engaged with prospective customers is a must. Paid strategies like digital advertising can often be invaluable solutions that offer a significant ROI, but where or how do you even get started?

Remine’s new Marketing Center offers a proven and trusted source for all your digital advertising needs in one place, making the ad creation and placement process simpler than using Facebook and Google’s tools alone. Generate listing leads, buyer leads, and build brand awareness with just a few clicks.

Traditionally, agents have managed multiple platforms for digital ads while navigating strenuous trial and error when it comes to audience, copy, and images selected. With Remine and the backing of MLS data, agents can start engaging more with their leads and spend less time testing marketing strategies all with one platform, the Remine Marketing Center.

Navigate to the marketing tab in your Remine Pro account (shown below) and take the first step to simplify your paid advertising efforts today!

Auto-populated Blueprints

Save time and create targeted ads in minutes with blueprints built by industry professionals for agents and brokers. Simply utilize MLS data to auto-populate your desired listing and follow the step-by-step ad creation process to customize your blueprint.

Ad Optimization

Ads created in Remine’s Marketing Center are shown to the most relevant users and best audience based on machine learning. Utilize the power of Remine’s digital network to benefit your business while showing your listings to more interested leads.

Real-time Lead Notifications

Respond to leads quickly with notifications sent directly to your phone. Remine’s SMS lead notifications help you stay engaged with active leads from ads even when you are away from your desk.

Real-time Analytics

Track your ad’s progress, adjust your ad spend, and tap into the data available through Remine’s real-time ad analytics.

Want to learn even more about our advertising tips and best practices? Sign up for tomorrow’s training webinar to learn how to reimagine your marketing strategies in 2022 with Remine.


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