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Published on
April 13, 2020
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Cuc Baker

Here at Remine, we enjoy solving problems and helping others succeed. We recently redirected our efforts to help real estate professionals adapt to doing business online.  

Within just two weeks, Remine developed new live showing features – combining Remine's in-app live stream capabilities with MLS virtual open houses.  

"It's amazing what's possible when everyone leans into solving a problem. It has been energizing and rewarding to be able to push towards a solution to help the real estate community during this time," said Jonathan Spinetto, COO of Remine.  

We designed these features to help maintain the important connection and real-life experience associated with property tours. In a day and age where ease of use influences purchasing decisions, online showings and services provide a real value-add for today's consumers looking to buy a home.  

Below is a comprehensive overview of top features included in this first iteration of Live Open Houses.  

Live Open House Features

Remine's new Live Open House features enable agents to either leverage the in-app live streaming capabilities (Remine Live) or a personal streaming link.  

While Remine Live is available exclusively in Pro, all Remine plans will have the ability to create a Live Open House using a personal streaming link.

Remine Live Open Houses enable agents to schedule and share live showings easily. This feature also integrates virtual open houses from MLSs into our platform. So, when agents search or view property listing details, they will see Remine Live Open Houses and any virtual or standard open houses that the MLS provides.

How to Create a Live Open House in Remine

There are two quick ways for agents to schedule a Live Open House within Remine: from the "My Listings" card in Daily or the Property Details page. At this time, only the listing agent or co-listing agent will have the ability to create a Remine Live Open House and only for listings with the following statuses: Coming Soon, Active, and Active Under Contract.

Create a Remine Live Open House via the Property Details page
Create a Live Open House via the Property Details page

From the Property Details page, agents can create a new Live Open House or edit/delete an existing one. When setting up a new Live Open House, they can choose to use Remine Live or add a link to a live tour from an external streaming service provider (i.e., Zoom, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.). Due to MLS guidelines, the external streaming link may not be accessible.

Create Live Open House
Live Open House settings. Tip: Click on the "Information" bubble for definitions and help.

Remine Live for Remine Pro

Remine Live is exclusively available in the Pro plan. With this new in-app streaming feature, agents can streamline their workflow by eliminating the need to use multiple solutions to interact with clients. We designed these features to help agents save money and time!  

Schedule. Schedule Live Open Houses via desktop or mobile.

Share. Agents can easily share the Property Details page so others can see open houses associated with their listing.

How to Start a Remine Live Showing

To broadcast the open house, agents must use the Remine mobile app. To get started, agents will need to create a Live Open House and switch on the Remine Live toggle, as previously mentioned. Then, go to the "My Remine Live" section in Daily from the mobile app and click on the open house you want to start streaming. Each live stream can be up to 30 minutes long, but agents can host multiple sessions throughout the day.

Daily on Mobile
Remine Live in Daily

Remine Live Agent View

During the Remine Live broadcast, agents can monitor how many viewers are attending the open house. The on-screen features include a flash and reverse camera button. Flip the camera on yourself and speak directly to your audience!

Start Remine Live
Start a live streaming open house

Client-Hosting for a Remine Live Open House

We understand that some agents may not be able to show homes in the current pandemic crisis, so we also added an option that enables agents to pass Remine Live hosting privileges to their clients. When agents switch on the Remine Live toggle, a "Client Host" option will appear. Agents can search for an existing contact or create a new one. Learn more about this enhancement here.

Client Mobile Views

Search and Watch

Agents can easily search for properties that have live open houses scheduled. Search results will include all open houses from Remine and the MLS. To watch a live showing, click the "Watch Open House" link in the Property Details page.  

Search and Watch
Search and Property Details page

How Consumers Can Interact with Live Open Houses

Clients who are logged into the Consumer Portal and are associated with an agent can also search for and watch live open houses.  

Consumer Search

A Live Open House toggle easily enables consumers to search. This toggle automatically disables other search filters and will only search for properties with a live open house. Open house information will displays via a banner on the property card.

Consumer Search
Consumer search view

Property Details

The Property Details page makes it easy for consumers to view all open house information. Consumers can add open houses to their calendars, access a live streaming tour, or schedule a tour (virtual or in-person). Both listing and buyer's agents get notified of client requests and activities.

Property Details
Consumer Portal - Property Details page

Want to learn more?

Watch an exclusive recorded Remine Live demo by Remine founders, Jonathan Spinetto and Mark Schacknies recorded on Tuesday, April 21, 2020, at 3:00 p.m. ET.


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