Remine Live Enhancement: Client-Hosting Option

Published on
April 29, 2020
- By
Cuc Baker

At Remine, we are continuously improving our platform to meet the evolving needs of the MLS and real estate community. To help agents provide a real-life showing experience, we recently launched our first iteration of Live Open House features and "Remine Live." Remine Live is the in-app live streaming capability within the Remine Mobile app — available exclusively in Remine Pro.  

Many have shared their Remine Live experience with us, including Nicole Clark from FMLS, who we recently featured on our blog. We appreciate all the positive feedback and suggestions from agents and MLSs! Just two weeks after introducing our Live Open House features, we are making one of the most requested updates available today!  

We understand that agents may not be able to show homes in the current pandemic crisis, so we added an option that enables agents to pass Remine Live hosting privileges to their clients. Just follow the simple steps below to use this new feature!

Step 1: Enable Client-Hosting for a Remine Live Open House

To get started, create a Live Open House via "My Listings" in Daily or the listing's Property Details page. When you switch on the Remine Live toggle, a new "Client Host" option will appear. Agents can search for an existing contact or create a new one. This field is optional and can be left blank if the agent plans to host the open house.

Once a client host is assigned, only they can broadcast the Remine Live Open House. The agent can edit the open house if they wish to revoke the client access to Remine Live.

Add Client Host

Step 2: Client Receives Email Confirmation

Once a client host is assigned, they will receive an email confirmation with instructions to download the Remine Mobile app and how to broadcast the Remine Live event. Remine Live stream is only available within the Remine Mobile app.

If the client has not registered on Remine yet, they can register for an account at with the same email address. We will automatically associate them with the listing agent who granted them access to live stream the listing.

Client Email

Step 3: Client Accesses Remine Mobile

Once the consumer has the mobile app and is signed in, they will see a Live Open House reminder banner at the top of the app 24 hours before the event.  

In the hour leading up to the open house, the client will see a banner that allows them to test the live stream. They will also receive a reminder push notification five minutes and two minutes prior. The client can click the banner to start live streaming!

Client Mobile View

The Client-hosting open house option is just the first of several features improvements that we plan to release over the next few months. Subscribe to our blog below and follow us on social to get the latest updates!


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