Agent Insight: Nicole Clark Shares Her Perspective

Published on
April 23, 2020
- By
Quinn Nichols

Real estate has long been an industry built on relationships. Like many of the MLSs, brokers, and agents we serve — we know that being an engaged business partner keeps us in tune with the needs of the real estate community.

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down (virtually) with Nicole Clark, a Keller Williams agent in the Atlanta, GA area. As a member of FMLS, Nicole was one of the first agents to embrace our new Remine Live streaming feature. I was intrigued and curious to learn more about Nicole's experience. Embracing new opportunities, Nicole agreed to participate in our first edition of Agent Insight.

What does the market look like in your area?  

The Atlanta market is still strong. Justifiably, serious buyers and sellers are coming into the market. As an example, I recently had a home fall out of escrow due to COVID-19’s impact, and with-in days of me placing it on the market, I had multiple strong offers.

The most significant trend that I am seeing is a shift in the types of clients out there right now. Sellers are reaching out because they are serious about selling their homes. I am also seeing the more qualified buyers than I have in years. They are coming in pre-qualified with their loans in place and are also not negotiating as hard.

What's it like to be a REALTOR® right now?  

I have never been busier — business is pouring in. Many agents may have taken a step back, but I have decided to keep moving forward and to continue to serve my clients on their home-buying journey.  

Compassion is important right now, so I check in with my clients frequently and show that I care about them and their families. I maintain my sphere of influence, convey that I am still open for business, and am here to help make buying or selling a home as simple as possible during this time.  

It's critical to take the proper precautions to ensure client safety and to make sure you are well-educated on current market conditions. There is a lot of misinformation out there or industry information that may not apply to your specific market. Once I take time to educate my clients, it's pretty much business as usual.  


Do you have advice for your fellow real estate professionals?  

Be prepared to pivot during tough times. Lean into thought leadership and become the person who is the go-to for accurate information — be a reliable voice during this tough time.  

Embrace technology.  

You were one of the first agents to use the new Remine Live stream feature — will you share your experience?    

I initially tried to live stream via Zoom and YouTube, but it was too cumbersome. With Remine, it was simple. After scheduling it, I clicked the icon in the mobile app, and I was 'live.' It was a lot smoother than I expected. Before I got started, I asked myself, 'how would I typically show someone a home' because I wanted to provide a similar experience. Going forward, I've decided to use Remine Live for all my open houses!  


How did you promote the Remine Live open house?  

I simply took the link and pasted it into third party portals and my MLS. I also shared it within my network and created a Facebook event with the link to the showing.


Do you see yourself continuing to host live showings in the future?  

Absolutely! I think it's another tool our toolbox — for agents who want to take their business to the next level. I choose to embrace technology and am always looking for ways to make the home buying process easier.  

Remine Live is especially helpful for relocations. We get a lot of people relocating to the South because of the low cost of living. Now, I can easily do a live stream for families from different areas, so that they can tune in from across the country.  

How do you decide what technologies to use?  

I look for solutions that can meet my needs as my business grows. If you have a team and you want to expand to another state — I would look for technology solutions that are available across the country. It's crucial to pick robust solutions to support your real estate transactions and processes — for me, that is Remine.  


To view Nicole Clark's Remine Live showing, click on the video below.  

Editorial note: The comradery found across the real estate community never ceases to amaze me. As an ex-MLS executive, I've been to my share of national and local industry events. No matter where I am, I always find endearing real estate professionals who are willing to connect and share their stories in the spirit of collaboration. Nicole Clark is an excellent example of someone who embraces technology and knows how to pivot within a market change.

Nicole, thank you for sharing your perspective and the fantastic conversation!

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