May Product Updates

Published on
May 13, 2020
- By
Cuc Baker

We are releasing several platform enhancements to help us continue to improve usability for our agents. This month’s product updates focus on enhancing the user experience with Search and light interface enhancements. They include:

  • New Listing Type filter for Search
  • Saved Searches moved to the left navigation bar
  • Updates to the Property Details page: new maps layout and addition of market values

Listing Type Filter

We’ve added a new “Listing Type” filter that makes it easier for agents to search for residential for sale and residential for lease (rentals) properties. This feature is available for both mobile and web.

Agents can add the Listing Type filter by selecting it from the Add Filter dropdown and then checking the desired listing type(s). If this filter is not enabled, the default will display both sale and lease properties.

Listing Type

If a property is both for sale and for lease, we will display the “for sale” listing by default. However, we’ve made it easy for agents to quickly access the “for lease” listing via a banner at the top of the Property Details page.

Property Details Page

Saved Searches

Saved Searches used to be in a secondary menu, but we’ve made this feature more accessible by moving it to the left navigation bar. Agents can jump right into a saved search with just one click!

Saved Searches

Property Details Page

New Maps Layout: We’ve updated our maps layout based on the agent feedback we received in our last usability survey. The new maps section makes it easy to see all available maps at a glance. It will include four maps: parcel, flood risk, location, and street view. Just click on the static thumbnails to view the map. A menu at the top will allow agents to switch between different maps. We have also made overall performance improvements to parcel and flood maps.


Market Value: To provide agents with more insight on market conditions, we’ve added a new table to reflect the market value history of the property. The Market Value table is in the Property History tab under Assessments.

Market Value

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