Data Improvements at Remine

Published on
January 7, 2021
- By
Jordan Pinkerton

Whether you are new to Remine or have been with us since the beginning, we are here to be your go-to data resource. Reimagine the real estate transaction and join us as we walk through our upcoming data improvements and answer questions directly from our users.

Types of Data Available in Remine  

Being able to access the data we provide easily and all in one place is paramount. That is why throughout our search tool we use data-based targeted filters that are pulled from several sources at once.

What type of data is available in Remine and where is it sourced from?

MLS – sourced by the MLS feed (i.e., listing status, listing type, price, listed date)

Public Record – sourced by multiple data providers including First American, FEMA and the Census Bureau. We also recently deployed our own data corrections team to improve the accuracy of public record data displayed in Remine. (i.e., tax information, property/transaction history)

Remine Data – derived from proprietary algorithms using a combination of MLS and public record data, (i.e., sell score, absentee, home equity, ownership time)

Consumer Data – sourced by Neustar and found in the Associated People section of the Property Details page (i.e., emails, phone numbers)

Updated Data

In 2021, reliable and more accurate information is now at the heart of our consumer data. To take our data to the next level, we’re partnering with Neustar, an industry leader in consumer intelligence.

What does this data improvement mean for agents?

Expect to see expanded visibility of 110 million households and 250 million individuals in the US as well as property, demographic, and census data on all known households in the US. Neustar works with the top 10 US banks, top 8 US credit card issuers, and with 7 of the top 10 property and causality insurance companies, ensuring confidence and reliability.  

How do I access the updated data?

Remine Pro users can view the updated data through the Associated People section of the Property Details page. Learn more about the features offered in Remine Pro here.

Data Corrections

We’re excited to also introduce another upgrade to your experience, the deployment of our new data corrections team. Resolving discrepancies with our public record data is now more streamlined than ever.  

What does the improved data verification process do for agents?

Coming Soon: When agents report discrepancies in our public record data, our data corrections team will investigate the issue and make any necessary corrections. The ability for our team to directly make corrections for a property or a county will significantly improve request turnaround times. If you submit a correction request, we will work to resolve it as quickly as possible.  We aim to have most requests completed within 3-5 business days.

As 2021 progresses, we’re looking forward to continuing to improve and reimagine how Remine products can best support you.  

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