2020 Year in Review‍

Published on
January 21, 2021
- By
Tim Dain

For Remine, 2020 was quite a ride, marked by some bumps but also with new opportunities of growth and stability. We learned a hard lesson in system security and are now the only MLS full system provider to have earned ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification. We increased user adoption among agents. We also had a successful Series B fundraising round that survived a humbling and public lesson in etiquette. We're bigger, better, and more appreciative of our relationships and opportunities in real estate. We also added SSO Dashboard and Transaction Management (aka "Docs+") to our product lineup, joining our flagship PRO Agent desktop tool and Add/Edit.

As I look towards all that 2021 has to offer, I ask myself the question, "What was (is) the 'why' behind rebuilding the MLS wholistic system into modules that could be deconstructed and reconstructed, or modularized?"

  1. End full system conversions (Painful)
  2. Introduce technology improvements more rapidly!
  3. Seamless integration (RESO API)
  4. Broker autonomy without damaging cooperation
  5. Modernization

I accepted this position because that is MLS 2.0. Every Remine solution is modular and works beautifully as a standalone solution. When combined, each module seamlessly integrates and creates a rising tide for the other. When they are all combined, you have MLS 2.0, a full MLS system solution built on modern technology and ready to serve your members — not just your immediate needs, but built to scale and plug and play with other vendors you want in your market.

The simple beauty of a modular MLS 2.0 is that you can have one vendor for your MLS or many. Remine can be your total solution or just your transaction management [Docs+] solution. We can replace your public records provider or power your single sign-on and dashboard. You can spin up our database and API solution or turn on our Add/Edit and let Franchises and Brokers use our Add/Edit API to write listings into the MLS from their custom solution that adheres to your business rules (with an Admin dashboard that YOU control!).

You see why I'm excited about the future of the MLS and the role Remine is playing to help you build it? MLS 2.0 is what I've been chasing, with many of you in front and beside me running in the same direction. If you're tired of hearing "no," if you struggle to find the collaborative relationship you desire, if you want tomorrow today, Remine is your solution.

Happy New Year, and Happy Trails. Until we meet again.

Tim Dain
VP & GM of MLS


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