Reengage Clients with Direct Mail Marketing

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January 25, 2022
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Are you looking to reengage your past clients or reach a new audience with your marketing efforts? Look no further than direct mail marketing with Remine.

When assessing if direct mail marketing is the right fit for you, consider first what your current marketing strategy consists of. If you are new to promoting yourself and your business, a healthy mix of digital and mail marketing efforts will help you diversify who you're reaching. If you find yourself regularly leaning towards digital marketing efforts, incorporating direct mail marketing into your strategy is an excellent opportunity to target and retarget people you might not be engaging with digitally.

Today there are fewer pieces of mail being delivered to consumers putting agents who are marketing themselves and their businesses at an advantage. Direct mail marketing has less competition, and with fewer competitors, there is also potential for a higher response rate, allowing you to stand out.

Whether you’re interested in marketing yourself, your brokerage, or spreading the word about a property, creating mailers is made simple with Remine.

Check out the videos below for a step-by-step guide on how to target potential buyers and/or sellers through the workflows available in Remine Pro, helping you increase your possible return on investment by focusing your spend on reaching a specific audience. With these instructions, you can create personalized mailers to maximize your marketing footprint today!

How To Find Potential Sellers in Remine

How To Find Potential Buyers in Remine

How To Start Sending Personalized Mailers



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