Part 3: Market to Your Target Audience

Published on
March 25, 2020
- By
Cuc Baker

With millions of real estate transactions each year, it’s vital for real estate professionals to focus their energy on viable business prospects. In this segment of Developing Your Business with Remine we will look at how to leverage the lead lists and contacts to maximize ROI on your marketing budget and time.

To get started, be sure that you are aware of how to export lists from Remine for digital and direct marketing campaigns.

Facebook Marketing

Many agents already utilize social media to reach the broader audience, but more targeted efforts allow you to tailor your content for a specific audience. The leads you find in Remine can be used to build custom audiences for Facebook paid ads. You can also expand your reach and find new leads by creating lookalike audiences — Facebook uses a special algorithm to find others who are similar to the individuals in your list. Here's an overview of how to build custom audiences for housing-related ads: Social Media Examiner.

Direct Marketing

Remine has an integration with PCM Digital that offers agents the ability to create affordable direct mail pieces. Since there is not a minimum requirement for orders, it is easy to scale your direct marketing efforts to fit any budget or goal. Pre-made templates can be personalized with your own branding, but you can also upload your designs. So, if you’ve ever considered refreshing your branding and marketing, now is a great time to set those ideas in motion!

PCM Digital

Email Marketing

Email is a great way to communicate to your clients. You can also use email engagement metrics to analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns. Import your client contacts into your email marketing platform as an audience or breakdown the list into subgroups for segmentation purposes (i.e. buyers vs. sellers, location).

If you are not currently using email as part of your integrated marketing plan, there are many simple and affordable solutions such as MailChimp and Constant Contact. Most platforms now offer pre-made templates and a drag-and-drop function that make it easy to create campaigns with no coding or design experience. As an email best practice, be sure to clearly identify your business and provide an unsubscribe link in every email.

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