Part 1: Develop Your Business with Remine

Published on
March 25, 2020
- By
Quinn Nichols

Here at Remine, we care about your success! We want to help you focus on the future by providing you some easy ways to study-up on solutions that can help you develop your business.  

As a result, we have composed a three-part blog series that will help you to analyze consumer groups and make more informed decisions on where to spend your time and money.

To do this, we will take a look at identifying people and properties that are most likely to transact, consumer demographics, and simple ways to target market consumers.

Target Marketing – When a company identifies a specific group of consumers to receive promotions of its products and services.

Search Filters to help you find prospective clients

Remine’s industry-leading predictive analytics tool was developed to enable real estate professionals to locate people and properties most likely to buy and sell.  

Sell Score Filter is an innovative feature that helps you find properties that are most likely to sell within the next six months to a year.  

Our unique Sell Score algorithm packages historical data trends and public record info into a comprehensive search – enabling you to leverage search results to predict what will most likely happen in the future. It uses weighed values for the variables below to determine a property’s likelihood to sell:  

  • Property attributes: square footage, bedrooms/bathrooms, and property value
  • Financial information: years since the property last transacted and debt vs. equity on the mortgage
  • Neighborhood averages: property attributes and financial information for different neighborhoods (by ZIP code, by city, and by state)

Sell Score Filter

Additional Filters

Remine also has additional filters that can help you focus your efforts. Here are the top two we recommend:

Ownership Time. We know that consumers who have owned their home longer are often more likely to sell. In fact, the national ownership average is 7-12 years. Use this filter to narrow down ownership time within this range or the range within your market.

Mortgage Age. Use this filter to zero in on consumers with a high mortgage age and owners with good equity and financial standing. We recommend setting the filter to a min of 7-10 years.

Note: The more filters you use, the more refined your target list becomes. This means that you will want to consider what consumer group you are targeting and the way you intend to distribute your marketing campaign. I.e.: you can likely cast a wider net with online marketing via social media and email campaigns than with a more organic approach.

Locating Buyers

If you are a Remine Pro agent, you have access to unlimited contact information such as consumer emails, phone numbers, and Buy Score. Interested in becoming a Remine Pro agent? Email us.

Buy Score enables agents to identify consumers who are most likely to buy a home within the next year. Nationally, an individual with a high Buy Score is twice as likely to purchase a property than another randomly selected individual.

The Buy Score is determined by the following variables:

  • Consumer demographics: age, likelihood of being married, and likelihood children
  • Property purchasing history: first-time home buyer or multiple property owners
  • Estimated equity in any currently owned properties
  • Length of residence associated with properties
Buy Score for Associated People in Property Details

First-Time Home Buyers and Re-financing Opportunities

While consumers may be leery to spend, now is the time to educate and inform potential clients on the cost benefits associated with owning a home vs. renting and the advantage of any drops in mortgage rates.

Learn More

Read the rest of our business development blog series:  

Part 2: Engaging with Clients and Leveraging Contacts

Part 3: Marketing to Your Target Audience

Watch short how-to videos via our YouTube channel, register for an upcoming webinar, or checkout our support page.


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