All-In-One Transaction Management Solution Built for MLSs

Published on
February 11, 2021
- By
Jordan Pinkerton

When it comes to effective transaction management an MLS can’t waste time wondering about the effectiveness and efficiency of the tools offered to their members. An all-in-one solution can’t simply be on a wish list but must be a top-of-mind priority to build a successful and effective workflow. With today’s industry demands, Remine provides a solution built by real estate experts for MLSs.  

Busy real estate professionals require a tool that provides a seamless way to generate and fill forms, a wealth of document storage, and customization options. They also need a simple way to stay alert and compliant while collaborating and coordinating e-signatures with all transaction stakeholders. With Docs+ Transaction Management as a solution Remine makes daily tasks a simplified experience.

Docs+ Transaction Management allows agents, admins, brokers, associations and MLSs to customize forms, checklists and clauses/stipulations. Brokers can distribute content to their agents, allowing their agents to create contracts in minutes while ensuring their agents are including the content that’s required. Our Brokerage functionality enables back-office submissions, review, in-app commenting, storage and customization for brokers at no extra charge.  

When comparing Transaction Management tools it is important to note the Remine difference. Contracts made with our smart form technology are not typical PDFs—they are cloud-based documents that are live, collaborative and editable. Docs+ Transaction Management also offers a myriad of features that others do not provide in a single platform, including a sophisticated clause system, fully functional PDF mark-up tool, change/edit highlighting and tracking, document templating and distribution, email and form brokerage branding, checklist builder and distribution, impersonation for agent collaboration and many more.  

The Remine difference is more than just modern technology and innovative product offerings. We’re built by real estate industry experts and we understand the need for ease. With our transaction management solution, Docs+ Transaction Management you can expect tailored service, modern technology, and access to our team of experts all at your fingertips.

About Remine

Remine is revolutionizing MLS software solutions. We offer a complete MLS 2.0® operating system for MLSs which includes Remine Pro (a full front-end operating system), Add/Edit, Database, and RESO Platinum API solutions. In addition, Remine offers SSO Dashboard, Docs+ Transaction Management, and MLS Website.

We are built by real estate industry experts, who know what it is like to be in the trenches. We understand the need for transparency and ease because we have been there too. Everyone at Remine from software engineers to support specialists knows what it takes to break barriers towards modernizing the industry. We wake up every day ready to help our customers implement strategies that make their business stronger.

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