Public Record

Identify and search for location attributes that answer your property questions on the spot. Our reliable data is sourced by multiple data providers including Neustar, FEMA, and the Census Bureau. We have enhanced the accuracy of public record data displayed in our platform even further by providing access to our in-house data corrections team.

When agents report discrepancies in our public record data, our data corrections team will investigate the issue and make any necessary corrections. The ability for our team to directly make corrections for a property or a county will significantly improve request turnaround times.


Apply multiple valuation models, including notes and reported valuations by real estate agents nationwide.


Access mortgage information for properties, like rate, type, and duration at your fingertips. Cut down on time spent searching and spend more time closing your transaction.

Deed Records

Utilize historical and current deeds that are quality controlled and ready for use.

Tax Records

Detailed nationwide tax records to help build your transactions.

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