Unlock the Future of Listing Creation with Remine's Add/Edit Tool

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June 17, 2022
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One of the most critical workflows in the entire real estate transaction is listing creation. In an environment where agents must be industrious to embrace exceedingly high demands and a historic 40-year low supply in inventory, functional tools built to make listing creation seamless can be the missing link to success. Listing creation tools are the aquifer from which market data originates after agents input their data into the MLS. With the underlying technology that supports the MLS today being outdated Remine has reimagined these workflows with an alternative that unlocks new opportunities for the MLS, their broker members, and agents.  

When agents utilize Remine to access their listings one of the first differences they will experience is intuitive UI with simplified input and auto-populated public record data. By cutting down time spent trying to figure out which information fields in a listing need editing or if the data is up to date, agents no longer need to experience unnecessary hurdles to complete their upload. With the offering of complete mobile capabilities for the entire 800+ fields across the nation’s MLSs, agents can always have control of their listings. Also, with public record data being preloaded, agents can even pull from past listings saving valuable time.  

Remine’s elevated features also extend outside of time saving facets and into visual presentation. With the ability to invite photographers to collaborate on listings and upload unlimited high-resolution images, sync videos, and upload virtual tools, Add/Edit delivers on the promise of simplifying agent workflows. Ultimately, by enhancing the visual quality and capability of their photo editor Remine has created a process that helps agents offer an even more detailed experience for their clients.

Another invaluable tool provided by the innovation of Remine technology is data. By putting the power of data analytics in the agent's hands like insights on pricing trends, comparable listings, and commonly used keywords, Remine backs agents with both necessary and effective data solutions.

Within Remine’s modernized platform, one of the most distinctive features available now builds in the capability to quickly submit a listing through multi-MLS submissions. This long-awaited modernization paired with an easy-to-use interface enables agents and brokers to spend more time focusing on the client and less time using unproductive real estate technology.

The benefits of Remine’s Add/Edit tool are of course not just limited to agents, for brokers there are several reimagined solutions available at the click of a button. While many brokers are building their own proprietary technology for their businesses, they still at some point need to enter listings into an MLS. With Remine brokers can now “plug and play” directly from their back-office systems via an API and reduce administrative tasks. Other tools available even include a real time dashboard which will show their listings with up-to-date data.  

For MLSs, the features available within Remine’s Add/Edit can take the guesswork out of product integration and agent adoption. By utilizing customizable listing fields that fit their market area and by providing a modern API, brokers and vendors will experience a seamless workflow created for submitting listings in conjunction with their internal tools. Furthermore, the ability to enable third-party integrations makes our Add/Edit platform convenient to access everything an agent may need within Remine.

Whether you are looking for a time saving tool or listing maintenance solution, Remine Add/Edit technology positions agents, brokers, and MLSs to have more bandwidth to focus on the ever-increasing needs of today's market with the backing of a modern toolkit.

For more information on Remine’s modular solution or to learn more about how Add/Edit can benefit your MLS visit info.remine.com/products.


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