The Power of Remine Pro

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February 8, 2022
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What is the power of Remine Pro? No other MLS search solution unlocks real estate insights and opportunities like Remine Pro. With features that save time and elevate your client experience, you can expect to be prepared for the needs of today’s market.

Do you need to analyze home data in a specific neighborhood? Are you interested in seeing market trends of listings and closings? Looking for on-the-go mobile capability? Agents can do all this and more with the data and accessibility of Remine Pro.

The Data You Need: Elevated Listing and Property Data

The search experience within Remine modernizes what agents commonly see within a traditional MLS system. With the ability to customize your search experience by picking the path that makes the most sense to you and your current business, agents unlock the ability to research and review listings, look for MLS-specific information, or explore tax and property-related information all in one place. Experience the power of Remine’s data through Remine Search and the properties tab.

On-The-Go Functionality: Remine Mobile

Remine Mobile provides the necessary technology to maximize, streamline, and innovate your transactions and communication, all with on-the-go functionality. By providing Associations and MLSs with a collaborative front-end offering, Remine can share the up-to-date and market-wide MLS data agents need, anywhere they need it.

With industry-leading features like Remine Live for live streaming of open houses, in-app routing capabilities, and agent safety functionality for showings, you can experience features not otherwise seen in the marketplace.

Start utilizing the power of Remine Pro and experience the features that prioritize your needs by logging in to your account today!


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