Summer Curb Appeal Tips For Your Listings

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June 21, 2022
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Agents can't afford to miss a single detail when it comes to maximizing home value for their clients. A home's value increases on average, 5% to 11% when intentional with things like landscaping or adding a fresh coat of paint.

If you're ready to boost your listing's curb appeal this summer then it's time to learn from our affordable and easy-to-execute tips.

Add a fresh coat of paint

An easy suggestion to share with your client is a fresh coat of paint. Taking a paddle brush to the fence, windowpane, or entire exterior can give any listing a refresh and reverse the aging process by a few years.

Refresh the lawn

One of the most cost-efficient steps toward curb appeal is lawn maintenance. A fresh-cut lawn lends to the timeless portrait of suburbia and easy living. Regular lawn maintenance will keep the grass thick and green for more extended periods and only strengthen the home's beauty.

Think about future buyers — and their little ones

If you want home buyers to crown your listing with the "dream house" superlative, you'll need to consider their wish list and long-term goals. For most, a home is more than a roof overhead. Buyers want to know they're making a sound investment financially and emotionally. For some, that means buying a home to raise their family in, and others purchase a house to live out their fantasy of crossword puzzles by the pool. Thinking about future buyers can inspire a play set or tire swing in the front yard, planting a tree in front of a bay window, or staging patio furniture outside.

Work with a green thumb

Are you looking to wow buyers? It's all in the green details. Suggest your clients visit a local plant nursery and add a flower bed or unique plants to their yard. This added detail can bring out hues in the exterior and leave a lasting impression that the home was cared for and cherished by its owners. And don't forget to prune shrubs and give the greenery a fresh and manicured update. Disheveled or unkempt plants and brushes can breed apprehension with buyers and decrease your home's value.

Create a pathway

One design moment to create for buyers is paving a pathway people swoon over. With endless options, playing into your listing's interior styling with a modern feeling with stone and cement or keep your pathway a bit more charming with layered bricks. This landscaping choice will help evoke an emotional response in buyers and allow them to feel at home before turning the key.

Plan for seasons ahead

To our disappointment, summer doesn't last forever (at least, in most states), so be conscious of what the upkeep can look like for future buyers well after the home has been sold. We recommend developing a plan for perennials or opting for year-round plants that can survive various climates.

How ever you leverage these tips, we hope that you and your clients are one step closer to getting top value for your listing. For even more ways to elevate your listing through Remine's agent tools visit to watch on-demand training.


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