Resiliency in a Time of Chaos: A Letter from Remine CEO

Published on
April 2, 2020
- By
Mark Schacknies

I am writing to you from home, where we've been for at least a few weeks. I hope you're staying upbeat, and, most of all, staying healthy.

Like you, we're figuring out this “new normal.” Prior to a few weeks ago, our team had logged 2 million air-miles to MLS offices, brokerages, conferences, and events across the country over the last three years. To lean into the cliché, from 36,000 feet up, we’ve gained a lot of perspective, looked at the big picture, and thought about some big questions: Where are we going as an industry? How can Remine support the millions of agents who are helping buyers with their homeownership journey?

On the ground, in conversations with agents, we'd get glimpses of those answers — the value of digital connections, speed and mobility, more data and faster.  It's been humbling to hear how Remine works for agents and how it makes them succeed. It's also been invaluable to hear about new and nuanced pain points in the marketplace and to accept the challenge of solving them, too. Those conversations are why we built this platform — we use them to inform our work every day.

For instance, last Monday, we heard from an MLS executive who was trying to support their agents during a time when open houses were being canceled as a result of the coronavirus. Could we find a solution to help? Like most systems, we will be supporting virtual tours. However, we took it a step further – and developed in-app live streaming for Remine Pro agents. New features to enable live open houses will be available soon.

We're grateful to be part of the conversation – to innovate, enable and support the real estate community during a time when being agile is vital to the industry as a whole. Thank You.  

As you may know, Remine was founded by agents – and we've been through our share of market fluctuations. The original concept for Remine stemmed from the last recession because as practitioners, we knew the most effective strategy was to leverage data to make informed decisions.

Now, perhaps more than ever, these are the moments to discover how we can best support each other. The small acts we do today will matter, tomorrow.

If you are one of the many working from home, we have great resources to help you easily explore the Remine platform online. We are routinely publishing blogs, informational videos, and national webinars to help you stay connected.

With our virtual tour and Live Stream for open houses, you will be able to engage with clients and sell homes online.

Remine was built for the long term, and for your future. Please stay in touch, let us know what you need, and how we can help.

Stay safe,

Mark Schacknies

CEO of Remine


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