Changing the Landscape of PropTech: Remine Wins Residential Data Platform of the Year

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September 14, 2021
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Changing the landscape of the real estate industry and making transactions easier to navigate for all parties involved has been a top of mind priority at Remine since its inception. With an unwavering focus and dedication to industry leading products, Remine was recently recognized by PropTech Breakthrough as a winner of their inaugural PropTech Breakthrough Awards program.

Unfamiliar with the term PropTech? PropTech is commonly described as an approach to real estate where technology optimizes the way people interact, research, buy, and sell in various types of transactions. PropTech Breakthrough takes their knowledge of PropTech and has evaluated products and services around the world to recognize standout real estate technology companies who are leading the way in innovation. The mission of the annual PropTech Breakthrough Awards program is to conduct the industry’s most comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the top technology companies, solutions, and products in the real estate technology industry today. This year’s program attracted more than 1,350 nominations from over 12 different countries throughout the world.

Remine has been recognized as “Residential Data Management Platform of the Year" because of the modular approach that grants access to streamlined information that allows users to place opportunity on a map by incorporating MLS data, public records, housing, people, and mortgage information. As a modern solution, Remine is built on a state-of-the-art technology stack with fully documented API infrastructure providing users with flexibility, control, and ownership of their data. The technology stack consists of flagship products Remine Pro (front-end), SSO Dashboard, Docs+ Transaction Management, and Add/Edit.

When asked about the recent award Tim Dain, VP and GM of MLS at Remine said, “We’re honored to be recognized in this way by PropTech Breakthrough. The real estate space is in constant flux as it keeps evolving - we are committed to delivering the most up to date products and services. Our continued mission at Remine is to modernize the digital real estate journey by offering best-in-class technology that not only allows agents to leverage their time but also provides powerful search and collaboration tools and streamlined transaction management.”

Because of Remine's ability to co-mingle MLS data, Public Records, and Consumer information allows for the unique ability to create geo-farming features that place tremendous insight into the hands of MLS members.

Bryan Vaughn, Managing Director of PropTech Breakthrough Awards shared that,“The days of trying to maintain monolithic and inflexible systems needs to end in order to move forward. Any MLS is a foundation for future adaptability and resilience in this ever-changing landscape and Remine has a passion for providing unparalleled service to their clients. We congratulate Remine on being our choice for ‘Residential Data Management Platform of the Year.”

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About Remine

Remine is revolutionizing MLS software solutions. We offer a complete MLS 2.0® operating system for MLSs which includes Remine Pro (a full front-end operating system), Add/Edit, Database, and RESO Platinum API solutions. In addition, Remine offers SSO Dashboard, Docs+ Transaction Management, and MLS Website.

We are built by real estate industry experts, who know what it is like to be in the trenches. We understand the need for transparency and ease because we have been there too. Everyone at Remine from software engineers to support specialists knows what it takes to break barriers towards modernizing the industry. We wake up every day ready to help our customers implement strategies that make their business stronger.


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