Remine Invests in Growing MLS Team

Published on
February 26, 2021
- By
Jordan Pinkerton

With an MLS centric mindset, we understand that no two clients or MLSs are alike. As the needs of MLSs grow so does our commitment to creating an exceptional customer experience for our users. In honoring our mission to implement strategies that make your business stronger, save you time, and optimize your day-to-day tasks we are thrilled to announce the expansion of our team.  

This team has a heart for our MLS clients and an eye on innovation within the real estate industry. Whether you are a current user or find yourself looking for a new full MLS solution, allow us to introduce our team of experts.

Eric Hoglund, our newest hire, brings over 13 years of experience working directly with MLS organizations representing companies that offered emerging technologies like Clareity Security, Agent Inbox, and Box MLS. As an Enterprise Account Executive, Eric will add immediate experience and expertise for the rollout of the modern Remine SSO Dashboard. We are excited to have another person that is trusted and established with our MLS community. His history, insight, and relationships will play a crucial role in helping Remine and our customers continue to grow toward an MLS 2.0® future.

For those of you who have been long time Remine users you might recognize Lauren Martin. She will be joining the Remine MLS Team as one of our Enterprise Account Executives. Lauren has been with Remine for over three years and has a diverse career background spanning software, real estate, analytics, and finance. During her tenure, Lauren has established meaningful relationships across key industry partners, helping drive awareness and user adoption of Remine products. Lauren believes Remine is revolutionizing the real estate industry and is excited to help her customers navigate this new Data Economy. With over a decade of customer-facing sales experience she truly embodies our customer first mindset.

In support of our users, current and future, we look forward to continuing to modernize real estate technology and reimagine our customer’s journey.


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