Reimagine Your Transaction Management Tools with Remine Docs+

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February 22, 2022
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With industry demands at an all-time high, a customizable solution built by real estate experts for agents is necessary for progress and growth within Prop Tech. While most transaction management software can assist in managing and organizing documents in digital form, there are often other functions that are simply not included. Remine’s Docs+ Transaction Management provides that much-needed solution in the marketplace. With Remine, agents, admins, brokers, associations, and MLSs can easily customize forms, checklists, clauses, and stipulations.  

Some of the key time-saving features included in Docs+ Transaction Management that position Remine ahead of other tools include:

Document Packages

Document Packages within Remine are fully customizable, “templated” collections of prefilled forms that make offer generation quick and easy.  

Clause Kits

Repeatedly adding clauses/stipulations to documents, one by one, is arduous and can lead to costly errors. Agents can save time with Clause Kits, collections of clauses curated by agents, brokers, or their MLSs that can be added directly to contracts in a few clicks.

Smart Form Technology

Transaction documents are “linked” to save time on repetitive field entries. Save additional time with automatically integrated signature and initial fields for all parties. Warnings and alerts highlight potential errors before sending and signing, preventing needless mistakes and possible amendments.

Multi-party Collaboration

All parties involved can make in-line changes in one cloud-based, collaborative document.

Notifications and Highlights

Automated email notifications give agents peace of mind and keep them engaged in the transaction’s progress. Smart Form highlighting makes reviewing the changes made by cooperating agents quick and easy.

Document History

Remine Docs+ offers an easy-to-access in-app edit/change summary and a downloadable audit report where every signature, initial, and edit is meticulously logged and tracked from start to finish.

Admin and Broker Features:

Brokers and admins can efficiently distribute fully customizable checklists, clauses, and documents.

With Docs+ Transaction Management and the inclusion of a sophisticated clause system, change/edit highlighting and tracking, document templating and distribution, email and form brokerage branding, checklist builder and distribution, impersonation for agent collaboration, and much more, the limits on how these forms can save an agent time are endless.

To learn more about the Remine product suite, including Docs+ Transaction Management, at


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