Prospecting with Remine for the Holidays

Published on
November 11, 2020
- By
Gabriela Linares

The holidays are just around the corner and there is no better time to ensure you remain on top of mind among clients and potential leads. While others are winding down to enjoy some rest and relaxation, agents who are dedicated will be successful in securing new business. Mortgage rates continue to be at an all-time low and people have more buying power than ever. Take advantage of this time to schedule as many appointments as you can for the new year.  

An easy way to do this is by using your current listings to identify new leads

How to do it in three simple steps


Use the address of a current listing to identify where you are prospecting

Example: Susie Sellers has a listing at 3880 Rodman St. and wants to search for potential sellers in that neighborhood. She logs into Remine and types 3880 Rodman St. in the search bar. When the property pulls up, she clicks on the map icon to view that property on the map.


Use the polygon tool to define an area of focus

Example: Susie has the neighborhood pulled up, but she wants to be specific in the area she’d like to focus on. She clicks the draw tool at the top right of the map to create a boundary for her search.


Apply filters to find similar properties you’d like to market to.

Example: Now that Susie has identified her area of focus on the map, she can find similar homes. To do this, she can apply the Bed, Bath and Property Value filters.

Tip: Susie can also apply the Off-Market Status filter to ensure the properties have not already been listed or recently sold/purchased.

Applying the Beds filter to 2 minimum and 4 maximum bedrooms, refines list to 321 results.

Applying the Baths filter to 2 minimum and 4 maximum bathrooms, results in 179 listings.

Applying the Property Value filter to $500,000 - $750,000 reduces the results to 161 listings.

Applying the Off-Market filter and setting it to display only Off-Market properties, the results reduce to 144 listings.


Use the Sell Score to further narrow down your list of leads.

Example: Susie applied all her filters and ended up with a list of 144 leads she is going to send a holiday postcard. She knows handwritten letters yield higher results but doesn’t have time to handwrite 144 letters. To solve this, she applies Remine's Sell Score filter to identify properties that are more likely to transact sooner than others in the neighborhood based on predictive analytics. After she applies the Sell Score filter, she has a list of 17 leads. She is still going to send a holiday postcard to the list of 144, but for these 17 she will send a handwritten note as well.

To learn more about our Sell Score click here.  


Now that you have your targeted list, add these prospects to a Cart to review, organize, and fire off your campaign. Read this blog for Direct Mail Marketing Tips to Maximize your ROI with Remine. Click here.


Learn more

  • Attend the Mailing to Prospects During the Holidays webinar for tips on how to use Remine this holiday season. Webinar starts on Tuesday, November 17, 2020. Register here.
  • Learn how connect with potential sellers who can take advantage of low mortgage rates to upgrade to larger homes.. their dream homes. Click here.
  • Stay tuned for part two of the series to learn tips on how to get the most eyes on your holiday mailers and books those listing appointments for the new year!


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