Making Mistakes and Building a Culture We Can Be Proud Of

Published on
July 21, 2020
- By
Mark Schacknies

A few days ago, the real estate industry blog, Inman, posted an article about the culture at Remine. The article included screenshots of a Slack conversation (online chat) from about a year ago between two other male Remine executives and me.

The conversation was in poor taste, highly inappropriate and we apologize.

Joking or not, the language we used was unacceptable in any professional context, even a supposedly private one. That said, we want to assure our employees, customers, partners, and friends that we were, in fact, joking. We were behaving with extreme immaturity, but we were not serious. Further, this mistake was mine and my two colleagues'. In no way does it reflect the hard work, dedication, professionalism and frankly, the hearts of anyone at the company. We regret the embarrassment that this has caused our team.

The comments in the article about Remine’s culture were especially hard to read, as this perspective is the opposite of what we set out to create. We’re committed to doing better and we will.

We feel it is also important to share with you what we've done to improve ourselves over the past year. I've engaged with ongoing executive coaching and have deeply reflected on how I will lead our company into the future. We've spent months engaging with employees on an ongoing rebuild of our culture and values.  Over the past six months, we’ve elevated the voices and experiences across our team with an emphasis on empathy, cultural diversity, and female leadership to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard and feels a sense of belonging.  The entire executive team and I will go through advanced sensitivity training.  We are committed to continuous self-improvement.  

Since day one, our mission has been to provide great solutions and service to the real estate community. While this incident was painful, we are learning from it, will grow from it and ultimately be better leaders for it. We will not let it deter or distract us from fulfilling our mission and serving our MLS customers and agents.

Thank you for reading. If you would like to discuss this, please email me directly at

Mark Schacknies
CEO of Remine


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