How to Identify Sellers in Remine

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August 11, 2021
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Looking to simplify your prospecting experience this summer? Follow our Remine Recipes to identify sellers and grow your business with the help of Account Manager, Mandy Dennis.

You might be asking yourself what is a Remine Recipe? Well, put on your imaginary chef's hat and join us in the Remine kitchen as we get cooking!

These recipes are a resource you can easily refer to for a step-by-step approach to our most used tips within the platform. By using our ingredients, you can save time and generate new leads.

Remine Recipe: How To Identify Sellers in Remine

Hello, my name is Mandy Dennis and I’m excited to show you how to identify sellers with the help of Remine technology. For this exercise, I will act as a listing agent searching for a typical ‘Sally Seller.’ With inventory today at an all-time low, there are some who might not realize how much they could list their home for if they were to sell. In this scenario, Sally Seller has owned for at least 10 years and has a property that is considered “highly” likely to sell based on how comparable homes are selling in the area. By using Remine as a tool to help me quickly identify and market to these homeowners I will walk you through our first Remine Recipe, “How To Identify Sellers in Remine”.

Step 1: Identify the Area

For my business, I want to focus on the North End neighborhood of St. Paul in Minnesota. I am a top-selling agent in the area, and I can use my neighborhood expertise to help Sally sell for more than she ever thought possible. I’ll search “North End” and select the neighborhood, then apply that to my map.

Step 2: Apply the Filters

First, I need to make sure I’m reaching out to folks who are not already working with a real estate agent. To do this, I will toggle to Properties, so I have access to Filters and Remine's Layers on the map. I’ll filter out these properties by choosing ‘Status’ and ‘Off-Market.’ Next, I’ll apply the ‘Ownership Time’ layer to my map, looking for properties owned for at least 10 years. Last, I will apply Remine’s Sell Score filter. The Remine Sell Score predicts how likely a property is to list within the next 6 to 12 months, and it is based upon several data points including market trends, public record, and census data. It is most useful when building tight lists of opportunities to reach out with a mailer campaign followed by in-person touch points.

Step 3: Export List & Market to Potential New Clients

You can see that I go from a couple thousand results to a tight list of just nine properties that are highly likely to list within the next 6-12 months with owners who have owned the home for at least 10 years. From here, I can select the properties and add them to a Cart. Once added to a Cart, there are a few things I can do within Remine to market to these potential sellers.

Next, I can export a list and pick up the phone. Make sure that ‘owner information’ is included within your exported file. This will give you the owner email addresses and phone numbers, as well as an indicator if those contacts appear on Do Not Call lists. Contact Information is a Remine Pro exclusive feature.

Alternatively, if I were looking to send a hand-written note or gift basket, I could choose to easily print off mailing labels – choose property owner versus current owner, the receiving address, and the label type. Contact Information is a Remine Pro exclusive feature.

Additionally, I can use Remine to build a custom mailing campaign from scratch. I’ll click ‘Send Mailers’ and give my campaign a name. From here, I’ll be taken to a new browser tab which opens up PCMDigital’s Remine storefront. I’ll choose my mailing type, leave the quantity as is because it’s coming from my Remine list, I’ll pick out my design or upload my own artwork, and place my order. For more specific questions about PCMDigital Orders, be sure to check out their support center and chat window.

With your mailing campaign and other marketing efforts complete you are one step closer to landing your next client!

Pro Tip: If you choose to use PCMDigital, they are currently running a promotion! Use the code "TENFREE" at checkout for 10 free postcards.

Other Resources

Now that you have the ingredients to take your business to the next level, you can also check out our on demand webinars and view our support articles for a more in-depth look at this recipe.

After searching for properties this summer with Remine we hope you take advantage of our Team’s favorite recipes as an added treat.

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