How to Identify Properties That Meet Your Buyer’s Criteria in Remine

Published on
August 19, 2021
- By
Kaitlyn Poplonski

Looking to simplify your listing search process this summer? Follow our Remine Recipes to identify properties that meet your buyer’s criteria with the help of Director of Customer Success, Kaitlyn Poplonski.

You might be asking yourself what is a Remine Recipe? Well, put on your imaginary chef's hat and join us in the Remine kitchen as we get cooking!

These recipes are a resource you can easily refer to for a step-by-step approach to our most used tips within the platform. By using our ingredients, you can save time and identify properties that meet your client's criteria.

Remine Recipe: How to Identify Properties That Meet Your Buyer’s Criteria in Remine

Hello, my name is Kaitlyn Poplonski and I am excited to show you how to identify properties that meet your buyer’s criteria with the help of Remine technology. For this exercise, I will act as a buyer’s agent helping “Bob Buyer” search for a new home. Bob is looking for a home in a Middletown High School South school district. Bob needs a home large enough for himself, his spouse, and his two kids. Bob loves to entertain and would ideally like a home with a basement. Bob’s price range is between $600,000-750,000. The market is HOT in this area, so he needs to know the current properties available as soon as a new property hits the market.

Step 1: Identify the Area

First, identify the area the buyer wants to live in. For today's use case I will look in Middletown to identify properties for Bob. I will apply the desired area like a city, zip code, school district, or neighborhood to the Search bar at the top of the Search page to begin the search. Bob is looking for a home in Middletown High School South school district so I will now include that in the search.

Click into the Search bar and type the desired school district. Once the dropdown menu appears, click the school district to apply that filter to the map. The map will automatically redirect to the identified area and highlight with a yellow overlay.

Now that I have identified the properties in the targeted area, the number of results that match the area will be visible in the upper right-hand corner.

Step 2: Apply the Status Filter to the Map (Active and Coming Soon)

Next, I will apply filters to the area to identify the properties for the client. The most important filter to apply when identifying listed properties for a client is the Status filter. I’ll make sure my toggle on Search is set to Listing so I am searching by the listing data points.

Next, I can apply the Status filters to identify properties for my client. For this example, I’ll select Active and Coming Soon (note that status filters are determined by your MLS). Now, all the Active and Coming Soon properties in this market are visible on the map and in the results bar on the right-hand side.

Step 3: Apply Price, Bed, and Bath Filter to the Map

Now, I will identify the price range within our client’s budget. Our client Bob has identified they are looking for properties between $600,000 and $750,000, so I will apply the filter accordingly.

To apply additional filters, click the filters dropdown menu and add the blue pin next to the name of the desired filter to tag it. This will bring the filter to the top of the results bar.

Bob Buyer has identified that he is looking for a house with at least four bedrooms and three bathrooms. To find properties within those parameters I will pin the Bed and Bath filter to the Results bar and set the minimum for each filter. Now all the properties that meet Bob's price range and his bed and bath requirements are visible.

If you are a Pro user, more unique features can be added to a search using the advanced search in the upper right-hand corner of the search page.

In this example, advanced search can be used for Bob Buyer. He has identified that he is looking for a property that has a basement in addition to his required bed and bath count. With advanced search I can now scroll down and turn on ‘yes’ for basement and add this search filter.

Step 4: Create a Saved Search and Share

By using Saved Search, I can make sure that Bob Buyer receives an update whenever a new property hits the market that meets the search criteria.

To save a search click Save Search, name the search, and add the client's name. Then I can apply how frequently I want my client to receive updates.

The Saved Search emails that clients receive include the new listings that meet their criteria with a link to Remine's Consumer Portal. This allows them to register with a sponsoring agent, see additional insights on the properties your Saved Search is sending, and search listings in your MLS's market (note that Pro Remine agents receive insight on registered clients in Engage).

Step 5: Create a Cart and Share

While the Saved Search will send updates on any new properties that meet your client’s criteria, you’ll also want to send a list for them to review upon your initial search. To do this, you’ll create and share a Cart. To create a Cart and share it with Bob Buyer I will first need to add the desired properties. To do so I can click Cart in the upper right-hand corner and add properties to a new cart by typing in a Cart name and clicking enter.

Next, I can open the Carts page from the left-hand navigation at the top of the Cart's menu. There I can see the most recent Cart created. Once I open the Cart, in the upper right-hand corner there will be an option to share the Cart. I can then click Share Cart and add the client's name.

Once shared, Bob Buyer will receive the properties to review in the Remine Consumer Portal. If a client has not already registered on the portal, this will also serve as an invitation so they can review all the properties they receive from their agent in Remine.

Additionally, on the Carts page, as an agent I can receive live feedback about which properties my clients like and dislike.

Using the steps above you can find new properties for your client, share them with your client, and update your client as soon as those properties hit the MLS.

Other Resources

Now that you have the ingredients to take your business to the next level, you can also check out our on demand webinars and view our support articles for a more in-depth look at this recipe.

After searching for properties this summer with Remine we hope you take advantage of our Team’s favorite recipes as an added treat.

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