How To Generate More Business with Your Remine Pro Subscription

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April 20, 2022
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Are you looking to generate more business with the tools you already have at your fingertips but just not sure how to get started? We have simplified our most used workflows into three short videos as an easy-to-access and direct reference for you and your growing business.

Popular Search Filters in Remine

Search filters within Remine can help you take a closer look at a property, target specific criteria, deliver a refined look at properties for your clients, or help you target specific types of properties that are more likely to sell or owned by absentee owners.  

How To Pull Owner Contact Information

Pull owner contact information at no additional cost and without a limit to creating your own outreach strategy.

Pro Tip: You can take the contact information you pull and upload it to our Remine Marketing Center to create a direct mail marketing campaign. With templated postcards and mailers sending an elevated mailer to new potential leads is a breeze. Use of the Remine Marketing Center is accessible through an active Remine Pro Account. Please note, that any ads or mailers created do have an additional cost.  

How to create a CMA

Creating a comparative market analysis in Remine gives you access to both MLS and off-MLS data in a few short steps. With Remine you will have more tools to share directly with your clients with access to essential data and analytics.

In whichever way you utilize these tools in your daily workflows, you will be more prepared to prospect properties at higher volume, access owner contact information quickly and without any additional fees and be equipped with CMA resources to elevate your client experience.

For a more in-depth look at making the most of a low inventory market by using the tools available through Remine and the Remine Marketing Center, sign-in to watch our on-demand webinar here.


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