How To Elevate Your Client's Experience with Remine

Published on
April 25, 2022
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Remine helps you elevate your client’s experience throughout the entire transaction process. Being prepared in today’s market as an agent means more than just having the tools needed but anticipating the resources buyers and sellers need before they require them.  

Follow along with these two video tutorials and learn how the no-cost tools available in Remine can help you where you need them most.

How To Invite Clients to StepOne

Offer your clients a guide to the homebuying journey with StepOne. Help them share properties, claim their home, and provide feedback to you. Give your clients access to Remine and invite them today!

Docs E-Sign Tool

When you need access to simple e-signature tools on the go, Remine offers you the perfect solution. Make sure any critical document for your transaction has the signature that is required.

Pro Tip: Markets with access to the tools available in Docs+ can use prefilled state association forms built specifically for their region or area when an MLS adopts that service.  

For a more in-depth look at making the most of a low inventory market by using the tools available through Remine and the Remine Marketing Center, download our on-demand webinar here.


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