Get to Know Remine’s VP of Engineering Joey McCord

Published on
August 18, 2021
- By
Jordan Pinkerton

In the past year Remine’s team has experienced an abundance of change and growth. With Remine’s wins and opportunities both highly publicized, we are putting our plan for continued progress into action.

Today, I will be chatting with Joey McCord, Remine’s VP of Engineering about what it is like being on the team and the work he is doing to help the engineering department evolve.

Jordan: Tell us Joey, what was your first cue that Remine was different than previous startups you had been a part of?  

Joey: Rarely does a team go through an external event together. My first interview with Remine was only a few days before all their offices closed due to COVID-19. By the time I joined in June of 2020, people were starting to open up about not only COVID-19's impact on them and their family but also becoming more comfortable with expressing their personal views and life experiences as it colored everything happening to and around them. That unveiling created a lifeboat (yes, I am a Manifest fan) of sorts that we continue to ride together until the end of the pandemic (knocking on wood).

Jordan: How has autonomy in your role benefited your quality of work?

Joey: With the nature of how and when I joined Remine, I need the ability to move fast, try lots of things and fail without punishment. On day one, I walked in with the flexibility and freedom to experiment. This meant that I could try more things and make faster strides, thereby increasing the effectiveness of my job.

Jordan: Tell us about an experience you have had as a member of the team when you have felt supported by leadership.

Joey: Being provided with a large space for autonomy is the best way a leader can support me. I walked in on day one having that support, even when things went sideways, it has been unwavering.

Jordan: Was their leadership style different than what you experienced in previous environments?

Joey: The biggest difference is a complete willingness to listen to me and see the other side of the coin. We all walked into our relationship wanting to build something (product, technology, culture) that was not currently present at Remine. So, they let me challenge their conventions and previous thought patterns. That is a rarity.

Jordan: Tell us about how being on the team at Remine has challenged you and helped you grow as an engineer.

Joey: This has been the most challenging executive role I have ever experienced. That is not a negative. I have been presented with situations that I have never seen or had to solve previously. Nothing is more exciting to an Engineer than problems to solve.

Jordan: Can you shed some light on how Remine is evolving as a startup?

Joey: Everyone knows that startups evolve over time, changing their strategies, markets, culture, etc. But what is rarely discussed is how a startup's external impression evolves at a slower pace than internally. This is mostly because evolution is small and hard to see. Early in Remine’s company history they had to fight, scratch, and claw to find market traction. That leads to setting aggressive goals, pivoting markets, and sadly changing the staffing make-up of the company several times. This gives off a chaotic impression externally and can leave people with an uneasy feeling. As a startup advances, the plan becomes more obvious, and nerves begin to settle.

Jordan: Any concluding thoughts you would like to share on the future of the Engineering department at Remine?

Joey: My first year at Remine has led me to a much-improved mindset when I run into old acquaintances or come across companies that I had previously type cast or put into a box, like I often feel Remine is. So, when I talk to potential Engineers at Remine, I spend a lot of time talking about the past and how we have evolved to become a better, more conscious company. By this time next year, I hope to be talking to candidates about how we emphasize balance (work vs. personal and product vs. architecture), mindfulness (of team, self and engineering) and dimensions (being more than an engineer).

Looking Ahead

While the work and forward progress of any startup is never done the future of the engineering department looks bright under the leadership and direction of Joey McCord.  

If you are interested in bringing your passion and expertise to the diverse team at Remine visit the career page to submit your application for an open engineering role.


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