FMLS Begins Journey with Remine's SSO Dashboard

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December 2, 2021
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What is SSO and how can it optimize the agent and broker experience? Single sign-on (SSO) is the technology that makes it possible for a user to log in at a central location. Through SSO users can access additional sites or applications without having to re-enter any password permissions, thus making the sign-on process more efficient. While typically MLSs have provided tools like single sign-on solutions to their brokerage and agent subscribers, a shift in needs has occurred. The traditional technology offered has not evolved at the same pace as the agents and brokers creating a less than optimal available product offering. Remine has met this challenge with a solution that not only optimizes the accessibility of commonly used platforms but also meets the needs of today’s real estate professionals.

Busy agents and brokers need to stay easily connected to the vast tools they utilize daily. With the Remine SSO Dashboard, the ability to authenticate with Facebook, Google, and other platforms will now be a standard feature rather than an add-on. Additionally, brokers can now customize SSO tiles for products they buy such as MoxiWorks, Skyslope, KW Command, Facebook’s Workplace, and Dotloop directly on the dashboard provided by their MLS. By remaining more connected through Remine's SSO Dashboard agents and brokers can rest assured that quick access to the applications and platforms needed to deliver a seamless transaction are only a click away.

Communication between brokers, agents, and their MLS can also be improved further with the use of Remine's SSO Dashboard. Agents and Brokers can receive vital information from their MLS quicker with messaging, news, and event postings all viewable within the dashboard. With time-saving tools like these Remine is able to help agents spend less time behind their computers and more time client-facing.

With the need for increased communication and accessibility, Remine and First Multiple Listing Service (FMLS) have now expanded their partnership, which vastly enhances the Remine tools available to Atlanta-area real estate professionals. The new dashboard is officially available to FMLS' 49,000 members to access their MLS services, including Remine Add/Edit and Docs+.

“Remine continues to deliver us a total solution, which enables us to deliver a far better experience to our members,” explained Jeremy Crawford, FMLS CEO. “The days of cobbling together inflexible systems must end if we are to move toward the future with confidence and exclusively provide our Georgia brokers and agents the best-in-class products, services, and CE accredited training.”

“I love working with forward-thinking organizations like FMLS. It’s obvious that Jeremy is committed to a high standard of MLS performance and service,” noted Tim Dain, VP and GM of MLS. “I’m excited to watch as FMLS Partners and their members start to customize dashboards and add SSO partners. Remine already provides FMLS with numerous tools that help Agents work more efficiently, such as a single point of listing entry into both FMLS and other surrounding MLS systems. Agents love that. Today’s announcement will help their Broker members customize their MLS experiences by taking advantage of the SSO and our open APIs.”

As an agent or broker using Remine you can expect the most modern solution available built by agents for agents. To learn more about how Remine can modernize your digital experience visit


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