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Published on
October 14, 2020
- By
Gabriela Linares

The world we live in is a digital one and searching for a home is no different. Staying up to date with new technology is important for real estate agents. At Remine, we believe in a digital real estate journey. We want to connect consumers, agents, lenders, and other service providers onto one platform so that everyone has better access to data, greater transparency in the process, and more options to facilitate homebuying. For this purpose, Remine offers a modern, mobile-friendly MLS front-end that makes it simple for real estate professionals on the go to engage and manage relationships with clients on a single platform. 

The Engage* feature in Remine Mobile allows agents to easily invite contacts to Remine from their phone and keep up to date with their homebuying activities. Once inside Remine, clients can search for properties, save favorite ones, and share them with their agent and others. All the while, agents are able to track the activities of their clients on the platform by viewing their search criteria, and which properties they have looked at, favorited, and shared. This provides agents with useful insight to help them fine-tune the recommendations they make to their clients. With Engage, agents will have a better understanding of their client’s needs in order to present them with more relevant properties and advice about the homebuying process. For instance, by knowing their client’s search criteria, agents can create Carts to share properties that are more likely to be of interest to them.  

As a part of Engage, agents can also offer clients a free credit report using the StepOne feature. Obtaining a credit report is helpful for homebuyers to know what financial options may be available to them. The StepOne credit report is a soft credit inquiry that uses a mobile number for verification and does not impact the client’s credit score. While agents cannot see the client’s exact credit score, they can see which bucket the score falls in using a scale of high, medium and low. This StepOne feature helps agents understand the client’s financial situation and which properties are potentially more appropriate for them.

We strongly advise agents use Engage to invite all their contacts to Remine before another agent does. The reason for this is that once a client is connected to an agent in Remine, they can only work with that agent. So, regardless if your contact is in the market, invite them to Remine now! This way in the future whenever your contact enters the market, they will work with you!

All that said, the best part about Remine Mobile is how quickly agents can invite everyone from their phone to experience Remine with just a few easy taps! 

* Engage is a Remine Pro feature.

How to invite clients to Remine Mobile using the Engage feature

  1. Inside Remine Mobile, tap on “More” in lower right-hand corner.  

  1. Then, tap on “Engage” and in the next screen, tap on the “Invite To Remine” button.

  1. Select the contacts on your phone that you want to invite. Once you have finished selecting your contacts, tap “Done” in the upper right-hand corner.

  1. You should now see the following confirmation screen for the invites you have sent.

How to Track Clients Activities using Engage

  1. Once clients accept your invitation, they will appear as “Leads” in the Engage section. Use the check boxes to approve or deny your new leads.  

  1. You can sort your leads by tapping “All Leads” in the upper left-hand corner to sort and organize your leads by their status: All, Active, Pending or Archived.

  1. You can also sort leads by tapping the “Sort (Activity)” in the upper right-hand corner to sort your leads based on their Activities: Last Login, Property Type, Budget, Timeline and Name.

  1. To view the activities for each client, tap on the contact name to pull up their information. In the first tab, you can view their “StepOne” status and invite them to obtain their StepOne free credit report if you haven’t already. StepOne is the Equifax-powered identity verification and credit score tool.  

  1. Tap the “Info” section to view your client’s buying criteria and activity, which includes which property pages they viewed, shared, favorited, and scheduled tours for.  

  1. In the “Favorites” section, you can see the list of all properties the favorited and which link directly to the property details page. 

  1. In the “Shared Properties” section are the properties the client has shared and each one also links to the property details page.

  1. In the “Saved Searches” tab, agents can view the saved searches the client as created which provides more insight about their homebuying criteria.


Using the Engage feature in Remine Mobile makes it easy for real estate agents on the go to manage client interactions and track the entire homebuying process for them!

For more information visit our Engage section in our Support Centerbit.ly/remine-engage

Watch this video to see how to invite and engage with clients using Remine Mobile

About Remine Mobile

Remine offers a modern, mobile-friendly MLS front-end that makes it simple for real estate professionals to engage with clients. Real estate agents can conveniently perform core activities such as prospecting, selling and listing on the go with Remine Mobile!  

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7. Remine Mobile should now open and you will be automatically logged in!

If you run into any trouble logging in, see the Mobile App Login Troubleshooting article at Remine Support: bit.ly/remine-mobile-troubleshoot

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