Director of Product Engineering Builds an Environment for Innovation Starting With the Development Team

Published on
March 22, 2022
- By
Jordan Pinkerton

Over the past several years, Remine has been forging the path forward as a leading technology company with innovative products and best-in-class technology. As Director of Product Engineering, JJ Friedman is helping Remine continue a dedication of excellence to its customers and internal teams with his technical direction.

While Remine has remained steadfast in setting the tone for products that have pushed the real estate industry forward, the commitment to a team that keeps innovation at the forefront of their work is equally important.

JJ began his tenure at Remine as a Senior Software Developer and grew internally. With his technical expertise, he helped spearhead the technology integral to many of the Remine products available to customers today. JJ shares that the innovation is what ultimately leads Remine’s product development and teams, “We work with our amazing clients to understand the needs and deficiencies that agents and brokers are experiencing daily; however, it is on our end to innovate and make the necessary decisions to move the industry forward. We have been fortunate to have clients who trust and support our decisions, and it is even better to see the feedback from agents using our product and hear how it has improved their productivity.”  

As Remine continues to enhance its product suite and develop leading technology, the expansion of its teams will remain a priority, especially when it comes to engineers.

When asked about the environment at Remine for budding engineers, JJ shared, “Remine is the best place for a developer to grow and hone their skills. We see our junior engineers becoming mid-level, our mid-level engineers becoming senior, and our senior engineers becoming principal engineers; that is a testament to the rapid growth engineers have here at Remine. I am committed to ensuring that our developers work in a rewarding environment where we challenge each other to produce the best technology possible.”

If you are interested in bringing your passion and expertise to the team at Remine, visit the career page to submit your application for an open role. Remine is currently hiring at all levels.


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