Direct Mail Marketing Tips to Maximize your ROI with Remine

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September 16, 2020
- By
Gabriela Linares

Did you know the average response rate for direct mail is 4.9%*?

That's 5 fresh leads for every 100 pieces of mail you send!

Tips to Maximize your Direct Mail Marketing ROI

  1. Size matters! Oversized envelopes* have the highest open rate – a whopping 5%! Postcards are a close second at 4.25%.
  1. Send 100 mailers at a time to start. Depending on your budget, send them once a month or quarterly – this makes it easy for you to calculate your response rate. Increase your count to determine what will get the results you want.
  1. Personalize your messages with Remine. Use the various Search filters available in Remine to create lists that target those who need to hear from you most! Then, create your perfect mailer with our PCM Digital integration. Customize the pre-made templates with your branding or upload your designs.

* According to the Direct Marketing Association

How to launch your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign with Remine

With Remine you can create targeted leads lists using the data-based Search filters available on the platform. Once you are ready to reach out to your new prospects with a direct mail marketing campaign, you have two options. Either you print mailing labels and send the mailers yourself or you can use PCM Digital, a direct mail service that Remine has integrated into its platform.  

This integration with PCM Digital makes it easy for real estate agents to implement their direct mail marketing campaigns at affordable prices. There are no minimum requirements for how many mailers you order which provides the flexibility to scale the size of your campaign to fit your budget. A variety of pre-made templates are available so you can customize mailers to match your branding or you can upload your own designs.

It’s all very simple for you to start reaching out to prospects to expand your business. Read below for step by step instructions on how to send mailers with PCM Digital and how to print your own mailing labels directly from Remine.  

1. How to Send Mailers with PCM Digital

After you have added properties to a Cart, you can generate mailers directly from the Carts page. Through our integration with PCM Digital, addresses are scrubbed to limit the number of returned mailers.

How to send mailer with PCM Digital

1. On the Carts page open the Cart for which you would like to send mailers.

2. Use the checkboxes to select the opportunities to whom you want to send mailers.

3. When your list is ready, click the Send Mailers button at the top of the Carts page. 

4. Type a name for the campaign and click Continue to PCM Digital.

  • Once inside PCM Digital follow the steps below to complete your mailing.

5. In the Get Started Now section, select the type of product you want and click Choose a Design.

PCM Digital

  1. Search and select your desired design and click Personalize Now.

Choose design

  1. Select the preferred address (Mailing or Property), choose a color scheme, and personalize your content. Click Next. 
Personalize design

  1. After you've finished customizing your mailers, you'll have the option to change the list of recipients. By default, the recipients will be the tracked opportunities you selected in step 2. Click Next.

Review recipients

  1. Make any final changes to your recipients and add a seed address. The seed address allows you to include yourself as a recipient to ensure the mailings arrive on time and as expected.

Edit recipients

  • Make Changes to My Recipients. Click this link to launch a window where you can make manual changes to the details of each recipient.
  • Change Label. Click this link to return to the list of uploaded labels in step 8. On this page, you can select a different list of recipients from past uploads.

    After the system scrubs the addresses to ensure the campaign includes the most accurate data, your campaign summary appears.

  1. View and approve your proof to continue. The Add To Cart button remains disabled until you have viewed and approved your proof.

Final review of design & campaign

  • Check your design proof. Click View My Proof to see a mockup of your mailer. You are responsible for the content of your mailers, so carefully look over your mailer to ensure everything is correct.
  • Approve the final design. When you're satisfied with the design and content of your mailer, select the Design is approved checkbox. Click Add To Cart.

  1. Review your order and click Checkout. Follow the rest of the flow to enter your payment method and start the campaign. 

Review order

For more information and additional support, visit PCM Digital's website to contact them via chat.

For more details, watch PCM Digital’s video on how to create mailers on their platform using Remine:

2. How to Print Mailing Labels directly from Remine

Click on the Carts section.

1. On the left side of the list of properties, select the checkboxes associated with the properties for which you want to create mailing labels. You can also click the Select All checkbox at the top.

2. Go to More located in the top center of the page. Click Print Mailing Labels.

3. The Print Mailing Labels window appears, where you can configure the information that appears on your mailing labels.

4. In the Recipient Name box, select one of the following:

  • Property Owner(s) - The label displays the name(s) of the property owner(s) we have on file.
  • "Current Resident" - The label displays CURRENT RESIDENT in place of a name.

5. In the Address box, select one of the following:

  • Property Address - The label displays the address for the selected property.
  • Mailing Address - The label displays the mailing address for the owner of the selected property.

6. In the Label Type box, select the type of label you want to use

7. Click Print Labels

Once you select Print Labels, a download will generate, which displays a preview of your mailing labels, giving you the option to Print.

For more details, watch this video on how to print mailing labels from Remine:

Learn More

  1. Attend the “Find New Leads with Remine” webinar
  1. Visit our Support Center at

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