7 Ways to Stage Patio Furniture For Your Listings

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July 1, 2021
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The beauty of design and staging is that you can create incredible moments and draw buyers in without going over budget or even spending money at all. 

Here are some of our team's best tips for staging and styling a patio buyers dream about!

Create the illusion of more space with a sectional 

No matter the size of your patio, buyers and sellers alike want their space to feel bigger and brighter. If you want to create the illusion of a larger patio space or determine the flow of traffic, anchor a sectional in the corner of the patio. With this trick, you’re guiding the eye where you want it to go and creating boundaries in your space.

Tip: you can use this design hack for studio apartments and townhouse listings too!

Encourage conversation with a mix of chairs 

Nearly every buyer in the market has daydreams of hosting family and friends at their house and creating warm memories. And while some buyers are more imaginative than others, staging and home design are vital to helping them see their dreams in the home you’re selling. One easy way to inspire this is to have a mix of chairs in a circle or around a table. By doing this, buyers can picture their loved ones enjoying the scenery too. 

Center seating around a focal point

Bring a focus to the beauty of your backyard but guiding the eye toward your favorite aspects of it. You can arrange comfortable patio seating near a focal point to highlight a gorgeous fountain or bed of flowers. For a small backyard, your seating can face idyllic views or the grill you love to fire up in the summer.

Set the mood with warm lighting

Regardless of your listing beckons newlyweds in their first starter home or wealthy homeowners who prefer the more expensive things in life, every home deserves impeccable lighting. When we are intentional with lighting choices, we can affect a mood and feeling as sellers. Warm lighting is inviting and cozy, while other lighting choices can evoke a more sterile or cold feeling for buyers. Further, decor accessories like floor lamps or string lights can draw an eye up and make space feel much more prominent than before.

Incorporate outdoor dining and eating into the mix

Create a bonus space with outdoor dining furniture. Buyers will instantly be dreaming about the parties they’re going to host in the summers, and you can enjoy the breeze with a glass of wine while your home is on the market.

Get up close and personal with face-to-face seating

If you have limited patio furniture but want to add a design element to the space, consider the face-to-face arrangement. It allows for easy foot traffic and is a designated space for good conversation. Bonus, it can elevate a drab patio into a cozy oasis for couples and friends. 

Keep it sweet and simple with side-by-side chairs

Maybe your listing has a modest front porch, and you want to keep things simple and easy. Nothing says sweet and traditional like side-by-side chairs gazing into the distance. Uncomplicated and unfussy, this arrangement still feels inviting and encourages couples and loved ones to enjoy quality time outside.

No matter how you leverage these tips, we hope that you and your clients are one step closer to getting top value for your listing.

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