5 Tips to Make the Most of a Low Inventory Market

Published on
April 5, 2022
- By
Jordan Pinkerton

A low inventory market presents a massive opportunity for agents. Optimizing your time while taking advantage of the most productive ways to keep leads in your pipeline can improve your potential earnings and help you maximize your market presence.  

Our tips to make the most of a low inventory market offer insight into no-cost tools available through your Remine Pro account as well as paid integrations to elevate your efforts that are exclusively available to you as a Remine subscriber.  

Be an Area Expert

Being an expert takes time but getting started is as easy as committing to specific neighborhoods and consistently building your knowledge of the area and relationships with homeowners.

Pro Tip: With Remine, you can select an area, view a specific property in that desired neighborhood, and access data that will help you start reaching out to homeowners who might have a high sell score. This time-saving search tool will help you spend less time researching and more time contacting potential sellers and building meaningful relationships. Learn more here.

Paid Marketing Tip: Once logged into Remine, you can access the Remine Marketing Center to take the properties you have found through your search and target the owners with mail marketing. Some of the various templates and options make adding contacts from a cart and reaching them with a mailer simple and affordable. Learn how to start using the Remine Marketing Center today!

Engage Rental Property Owners

There are several ways to engage owners of rental properties, some of which you can tap into instantly with Remine.

Pro Tip: When prospecting and selecting an area you wish to target, Remine allows you to access public record data through various search filters. One commonly used filter to engage rental property owners is the absentee filter. Remine helps you pinpoint when a property owner lives out of state or is an owner of multiple properties.  

Paid Marketing Tip: Utilize the Remine Marketing Center to send mailers to property owners you have identified as out of state or absentee. While there might not be an immediate response, you will potentially catch their eye when and if they are ever interested in listing their property. Learn more about the value of direct mail marketing here.

Use Social Media to Maximize Your Reach and Find Leads

Social Media can often be an overwhelming step in the outreach and prospecting process. While you might be using your social media daily, whether it is yielding a fruitful result is often a concern. Paid strategy through targeted ads can be what gets you noticed most by potential buyers and sellers while helping you learn more about what is working best for your business. Remember, social media is not only about highlighting a specific listing only, but about taking an opportunity to share about you and your unique expertise.  

Pro Tip: With Remine, you can learn more about the areas you want to target on social media. With the search tools available like additional map layers, contact information, buy score analytics, and other valuable data, you will be more informed before investing in paid marketing strategies.  

Paid Marketing Tip: Remine has taken the guesswork out of paid Facebook and Google ads with templates proven to target leads and promote you as an agent. Access to these templates is available through the Remine Marketing Center. Once in the Remine Marketing Center, you can select if you would like to focus on marketing yourself, a listing, or both. Choose your spend, ad run, time, track your results, and get notified so that you can respond to leads promptly, all in one place. Learn more about how marketing with Remine can save you time here.  

Prospect Smarter

Create a system to manage your leads and convert your customers; smart prospecting will save you valuable time in the long run. Stay organized, optimize your search, and automate your processes and responses.  

Pro Tip: Optimize your search in Remine. Follow our time-saving workflows and user-friendly search filters to help you learn how to identify sellers, how to identify properties that meet your buyer’s criteria, and how to identify potential investment properties.

Paid Marketing Tip: Automate your processes and follow up with any leads you have generated while using the paid ad templates for Facebook and Google through the Remine Marketing Center. You can reply promptly with automated responses via email or SMS messaging through our tool. This function can be set up in your account settings and will allow you to always stay up to date with potential leads with ease,  

Utilize Your Past Clients

The relationships you have built are essential and can help your pipeline in many ways. Never underestimate what follow-up can do for you and your business, even if it takes several tries and years of nurturing. Past clients can be some of your biggest advocates, and reaching back out to them can spur interest if they are looking to make a move or be a reminder of what an asset you are when engaging with friends and contacts of their own.  

Paid Marketing Tip: Remine’s Marketing Center offers templatized mail marketing tools to help you reengage past clients or warm your network of contacts. Especially if you are looking to engage past clients, a thoughtful anniversary card will help you nurture your relationship and serve as a friendly point of contact if they are looking to make a move. Learn more about how to create captivating mailers here.

However, if you choose to make the most of a low inventory market, Remine offers tools and resources to make your job easier.  

For a more in-depth look at making the most of a low inventory market by using the tools available through Remine and the Remine Marketing Center watch our on-demand webinar here.


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