5 Reasons to Market with Remine

Published on
November 9, 2021
- By
Jordan Pinkerton

When evaluating marketing strategies or tools, it is often easy to feel overwhelmed with all the options available. You might be asking yourself questions like; how do I know if I am reaching the right audience or how do I even know where to invest my marketing budget?

Whether you are just diving into marketing your business for the first time or are familiar with traditional marketing strategies, Remine offers a variety of innovative tools that help you reach and engage with your clients at any budget.

Why market with Remine? Our in-house team of marketing experts share 5 reasons that marketing with Remine can set your business up for success.

Expand on-line presence and build digital ads for your business with worry free templates

Available to Remine Pro users November 10, 2021

By utilizing our integrated digital marketing tools, you can seamlessly create, launch, and track the performance of Facebook and Google ads with customizable blueprints. The blueprints available help you reach more potential customers on-line and build your business’s digital presence.  

Reactivate past clients through personalized mailers

Reach out to past clients by creating personalized mailers with contact lists in Remine. Our templates help you save time and automate your marketing strategies. Simply download your contacts from Remine and start building your next personalized mailer campaign.

Create buzz and sell your listings quicker through Facebook and Google ads

Available to Remine Pro users November 10, 2021

Looking for a simplified approach to share about your listing and reach more people? Facebook and Google ads, available with Remine’s integrated marketing tools, allow you to pull MLS data and images to create impactful digital ads. Our blueprints help you reach your target audience and sell your listings at a faster pace. Also, with tools like automated SMS massaging responses, you can respond to interested leads quickly and efficiently.  

Download contact lists and create personalized campaigns

Start downloading your contact lists in Remine and create personalized mailers for every occasion. Looking to send a holiday greeting or create a seasonal outreach campaign? You can utilize the templates that are available to kickstart your marketing efforts and reengage with your contacts.

Generate new leads

Reach more potential buyers and sellers with tools built to simplify your marketing efforts. Whether you are interested in generating new leads through mailers or digital ads, Remine offers options that can be customized for you and your business.


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