3 Tips to Leverage Data in Your Workflow

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April 1, 2021
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Looking to simplify your process and shorten the time spent preparing each transaction? Check out these three tips and maximize the built-in tools Remine has to offer.

Tip 1: Follow Properties & Engage with Contacts

Remine uses MLS data, public record data, and Remine algorithms to create notifications to help you identify opportunities for you and your clients.  

Property Notifications: Be the first to know when your past clients are ready to make another move. Add their properties to a Cart to receive notifications on key indicators, such as a change in sell score or a deed change, to signify when to re-engage with a past client.

Contact: Upload your contacts to invite them to interact with you via Remine's StepOne. With Remine, your contacts are secured and will not be shared with any broker, agent, or third party.

Tip 2: Win Your Clients Over with Data

The Property Details page in Remine offers agents everything they need to facilitate a successful transaction with their clients.  

Branded CMAs: Having a branded CMA report is a quick and easy way to connect or reconnect with a client and establish yourself as the local expert. The Remine CMA 360 wizard creates a digestible branded report in four simple steps: select criteria to pull comps, review and refine comps, customize your report, and review. Be prepared for every listing meeting with a branded CMA in hand. Running late? You can even create a CMA from the Remine Mobile App. To download Remine mobile clink here.

Branded Property Reports: Select from a diverse set of reports to save, send, or print by clicking “Print”. Learn more about how to customize and print reports in Remine here.

Flood risk data from FEMA: When reviewing potential homes for your clients interested in buying, you want to ensure you are always considering your clients’ budgets. Accounting for the cost to ensure a home is an easy way to help clients in their decision-making process. You can use Remine to check the flood risk zone of listed properties so they can account for the additional flood insurance costs associated with owning a property in a high flood risk zone. Remine pulls directly from FEMA and includes direct links to FEMA flood maps.  

Plat Maps*: Plat maps help ensure you and your seller are aware of what you are marketing when listing a property, or you and your buyer are certain of what purchasing a property includes and excludes.  

Deeds: (available for purchase*) The deed is a key document in the listing and sale of a property. When preparing to list a property, agents need to review the deed to ensure that the listing is properly entered into the MLS and the memorandum of the sale is prepared properly.  

Share Properties with Clients: Sharing a listed or off market property is a simple way to virtually connect with current and past clients when you find a property that they could be interested in. Sending a property through Remine not only serves to share information with your clients but as an invitation to register for Remine with you as their sponsor. If you are a Remine Pro agent, you’ll be able to see key insights on your clients using the Engage page in your account.  

Schools (powered by Niche): Remine provides the local schools and their ratings. Help find properties that are in the districts your clients have prioritized.  

Local Demographics: Remine provided local demographics using census data on a zip+4 basis. This gives you a close look at the typical resident to better assist your client. For example, if you have a client that is listing their property and you are helping plan how to best stage their home. If the local demographics show that 90% people in the area have kids, you could recommend staging the home office as a nursery.  

Tip 3: Build New Opportunities in Search

Choose from several search filters to find new clients who may be ready to sell or buy a home.

Home Equity: Home equity is calculated by Remine. We can do this by looking at the public record leans, mortgages, associated with property. Using key data points gives us the capability to build out an amortization table and calculate would be assuming they are making their regular payments, not missing payments or making balloon payments. Equity is calculated by subtracting the estimated loan balance the estimated value of the home. As home’s estimated equity is an easy way to qualify a potential client. If someone does not have sufficient equity funds they will not have enough to sell.

Ownership Time: Ownership time is calculated by looking at the deed most recently associated with the property and comparing it to the current date. If a property was purchased and the deed was listed in Oct 1996, the ownership time will be listed as 24 years.  

Sell Score: Sell Score is a machine-learning model that identifies which off-market residential properties are likely to transact sooner than others in their area, measured on a High, Medium, and Low scale. The following are the primary variables that affect the Sell Score.

Absentee:*Absentee filter identifies if the property is owned by a corporate entity, a home owner who lives in the property as their primary resident, or a home owner that is not the primary resident. When a property is owner occupant, you can confidently send marketing assets to the home and know it will end up in the owners hands. An in state or out of state absentee owner, may have invested in this property as a secondary property, a vacation home, or an investment property with renters. Identify properties that are absentee owned, is an easy way to identify properties where the residents are potentially renters.

With these tips in your back pocket get ready to maximize your time and simplify your workflow with Remine’s built-in tools and data.

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