3 Tips to Elevate Your Buyer's Experience in Remine Pro

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August 2, 2022
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There is no doubt that rising mortgage rates and low inventory can be discouraging to homebuyers. These concerns often place additional pressure on you as a market expert and agent. As a result, you need to be equipped with the most modern and effective tools at your fingertips to meet expectations and deliver an elevated experience to your buyers.

Through the power of Remine, you can quickly and effectively narrow down properties based on your buyer’s criteria, save and share those properties with your buyer, and enhance your client communications with detailed property reports that feature the data you have sourced. Tap into the tools available with Remine by exploring three tips to help elevate the buyer experience below.

3 Tips to Elevate Your Buyer's Experience

Build a Curated Cart

After meeting with your client and assessing their needs, you can begin to apply filters that meet your buyer's criteria. Select the listing tab in Remine Search, then narrow your search with filters like listing type, price, bed, bath, or other desired details.

Listing Search Criteria

Once you have narrowed down your listings with specific criteria, you will now see properties that would be a good fit for your client. Next, create a cart and add those properties to the cart.

Using this workflow allows you to hand select properties for your client and ultimately elevate their experience by delivering a more concentrated list of properties more likely to fit their needs.

Create a Cart

From here, you can send those selected properties directly to your buyer. Select your properties, then share that cart.  

Select a Cart
Share a Cart With Your Contact

Pro Tip: Make sure to add the buyer’s contact information to your contacts via the left-hand navigation menu. Completing this step before you get started will help you send the properties you select to your clients when you are ready.

Add Contact

Once the selected properties have been sent, your client will receive an email with a link to view the properties. This allows the buyer to view this curated cart easily and provide feedback before you schedule showings or choose to narrow the search further.

Utilize Saved Search

Utilizing saved search lets your client stay informed when new properties that fit their criteria hit the market. Provide the most up-to-date and targeted information to your client by using this simple and effective tool.

Start by hitting the saved search button on the upper right-hand corner of your screen after you have narrowed down your search with your selected filters.

Select your contact to share the saved search, then choose a frequency for email updates on that search criteria. Selecting the frequency to share those properties from your Saved Search helps keep your buyer engaged throughout their homebuying journey.

If you would also like to receive emails on this saved search, you can select the box to do so.

Saved Search Share

To edit this search, you can revisit the Saved Search tab on the left-hand navigation menu the make any changes to your selected criteria, whether that be the search filters or frequency of communication with your buyer about properties within that search.  

Edit Your Saved Search


Enhance Your Client Communications

Whether you prepare for a showing or like to deliver information to your clients, being equipped with information on a property is always necessary. With Remine’s printable property report, you can customize the criteria you want to share with your buyer and give them all the relevant property information in one place.

Select property information like public record information, schools, property history, or demographics and customize the details to share with the buyer.

Select Your Print View and Share

You can download and share the pdf or print it before your showings.

Printable Property Report

Now that you have three new ways to elevate your buyer’s experience through Remine, you will be more prepared to help your buyer select their next home. Regardless of the market's future, Remine will continue to provide the tools you need to assist your clients throughout their homebuying journey.

To walk through these steps in more detail, sign up here and join Remine on Tuesday, August 30th at 1 pm EST for a 30-minute webinar led by the customer success team.


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